Holiday Cooking

The holidays are a time to gather with your family and use cooking to share love with those close to your heart.

What better way to do it than to cook recipes that your grandparents skillfully made so many decades ago?  You can duplicate these recipes if you have their antique ranges in your kitchen and the right ingredients.  No oven cooks like a Chambers antique range or a Roper antique range and very few ovens can cook like a double oven Crown stove or Caloric stove.

When people come to your home and see that beautifully restored antique range, it makes a real statement.  Not only are you connected and grounded in your roots but that you honor your ancestors each year by having a celebration in the same way that they did.  You enjoy those dishes that are only made one time per year.

Those dishes always bring good, warm and fuzzy feelings.  And you know at that moment you are home.

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